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          The department was founded in 1969. Under the strict academic standards of the teachers, it has established a very good academic research environment and has become a leader in the chemical materials department of the North District Science and Technology Colleges. In 2022, the application was approved by the Ministry of Education. The department was renamed from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering to the Department of Semiconductor Engineering. The development focus is to cultivate students with the knowledge and skills of the midstream process and downstream packaging and testing of the semiconductor industry, and become the talents needed by the semiconductor related industry. educational goals. The main axis of development is to focus on semiconductor fields such as power components, semiconductor processes, semiconductor materials, IC packaging and testing, so that students can understand the professional skills required in the semiconductor industry from chemistry, material principles, component manufacturing process fields to downstream packaging and testing, and how to use them. It also cultivates the habit and ability of independent and continuous learning, so that students can have the creativity and ability to confirm, analyze and solve practical technical problems of semiconductor manufacturing.


          Under the development framework of chemical process and green material technology, the institute, department and division take the application of resource technology and material technology as the two main axes of cultivation and development, and develop process and safety, plasma and energy technology, electronic optoelectronic material technology and nanotechnology It aims at practical professionals in the fields of materials technology and other fields and focuses on practical research and teaching, so that students can acquire the skills and professional knowledge required by the current and future chemical and materials-related industries.

Research Focus

          The institute, department and division will focus on semiconductor components, semiconductor materials, and semiconductor process as the three major courses, and mainly focus on semiconductor process engineers, semiconductor packaging and testing engineers needed in the middle and downstream of the semiconductor industry as the main talent training goals. Its related basic courses include Introduction to Materials Science, Electronics, Circuits, Semiconductor Component Physics, etc., and various semiconductor components are the essence of theory and practice technology integrated from different semiconductor materials and semiconductor processes, so the course covers related semiconductor chemistry. , materials, mechanics, heat transfer, interface properties and other professional material technologies and the production process of various semiconductor technologies, such as exposure, development, etching and other semiconductor mid-stage processes, component assembly, electrochemistry, advanced packaging, testing, measurement and other back-end processes . The main axis of the course is based on the suggestions of the experts, and the courses are carried out from shallow to deep, in the order of basic coursescore coursesadvanced coursespractice courses, first establish basic courses and concepts, and then extend into components and implementation, basic to practical courses The content of the arrangement is compiled to meet the core curriculum arrangement required by professionals in the semiconductor mid- and downstream industries.